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August 2022


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Dear School Secretary.
We hope you dont mind us dropping emails occasionally in your mailbox. We greatly appreciate your co-operation in forwarding them to the intended recipient on the school staff. They are legitimate business-to-business emails addressed to the official administrative email address of the school, as published by your LEA.

Our services have ben used by the BBC, Save the Children, NCH childrens charity, British Council, Royal Veterinary College, Imperial War Museum, NACE, NICE, Friends of the Earth and the Energy Saving Trust, trying to get information to teachers.

Over the last few months we have sent mail to department heads and co-ordinators of Art, Drama, English, French, History, ICT, PE, PSE, Maths, Music, SEN, and Science; I believe that some staff have found some of our communications of interest.

If you missed, deleted or lost an email we sent you; a set of copies is kept here at missed-one? ...

We carefully vet the quality and quantity of material sent to the school and rarely send you more than one or two emails per week. We are careful to send only material we consider to be relevant and useful to teachers.

We don't send you large emails, attachments or embedded picture files.

All mail is certified virus free on sending.

To remove your school from our circulation list, please email
Please note that we require the authorisation of the Headteacher, before removing your school from the list.

Paul Welbank
Schools Mailserver
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